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Telemedicine for easy access

Getting and staying healthy is not something that you can not do overnight. It requires a lot of dedication, motivation, and a commitment that you must honor. Following through will require the right advice and guidance, it is not fair to expect you to be successful with out the right coaching. At Wellness Health and Nutrition, as part of your team, we are committed to provide that guidance and improve your health and lifestyle with a system that truly works.

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Why us?

We understand that our body is the most important asset and yet we often fall behind in taking care of it properly. Having 30 years of experience in this area, We are equipped with the knowledge and tricks to get you there faster.

At the Office

How you will benefit

  • Concierge Medicine approach to your everyday concerns – A more natural approach to not only get but remain healthy

  • Professional, expert advice on weight management and nutrition,

  • Individual and optimal Balancing of your Hormones and Thyroid- (TRT-BHRT-Thyroid)

  • Coaching on lifestyle issues like sleep, gut health, diet and physiologic stress management

  • Screening and surveillance lab work to optimize results

Blood Test

Aside from the guidance of a proven and efficient team for wellness, take advantage of these incentives

  • Unlimited access to our dedicated wellness team via text, email, or phone

  • Discounts on pharmaceutical grade supplements with free shipping (every 3 months)

  • Fast and convenient Telemedicine encounters available for Texas residents

  • A special, discounted cash price for  bloodwork performed in any of the LabCorp location across the nation

Dollar Notes

What about the cost?

Our service is offered on a subscription basis paid monthly. You can cancel any time, we recommend a minimum of 6 months commitment to really reap the benefits and allow for  significant improvement. Regular price is $250 per month for our subscription.

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Is there something you need additionally in order for the program to work?

Apart from your true commitment and dedication towards the program and an eagerness to start a healthy lifestyle, there is nothing else you may need to be a part of the program. Sign up and just follow our recomendation.Once you feel an improvement on stamina and new outlook on life, it should be easier to start an exercise program and follow the right diet for you.


Other advantages of our subscription program

  • Free shipping for 3 MONTHS BUNDLE. This should have you covered for 3 months at a time which is the minimum period needed to achieve significant changes in weight and symptoms.

  • Weight management: a personalized education program to implement at your own pace. Learn about macros, best human diet, good nutrition without being hungry. – (compared to the average cost of $800 for diet programs with a mean 20lbs weight loss- this is just part of our program at no extra cost). 

  • We can collaborate with your current primary care provider and encourage you to continue getting annual exams with them.

Your goal is Our goal

Our goals are your goals: feeling like yourself again. Enjoy family & friends, perform better at home AND at work.  At WH-N, we consider ourselves part of your team and together we set up goals, come with a plan and do timely evaluations to insure we are on the right track. We always request and encourage your feedback on results. We are your personal team for success.

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