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Mega Omega capsules is a nutritional supplement that consists of Omega-3-Fatty acids. Omega -3-fatty are potent antioxidants that decreases reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reduce oxidative stress. Mega omega capsules are antioxidants which combat fatigue, stress, weakness and exhaustion, improves physical performance, retard degenerative processes of ageing and improve body’s resistance to infections. Mega omega capsules also fight free radicals damaging effects and exhibit positive effect on growth, energy, and appetite. Mega omega capsules are nutritional supplements used as adjuvant in Diabetic Neuropathy and other associated problems as it helps to keep blood sugar levels under control.


Each bottle of Mega Omega comprises 60 softgels of Omega 3 and 7 supplements which are sourced from various marine fish species as well as Vitamin E.


  • Helps Support Immune Function & Cardiovascular Health.
  • Helps maintain normal vision and brain function
  • Helps protect cells against oxidative stress.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Consult your doctor before consuming them if you have any serious illnesses

Mega Omega - Supports Immune Function & Cardiovascular Health

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