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Staying Young and Healthy (1/3)

Updated: Jun 16


Define your goals. For a younger individual these may be improved sports performance, weight management, fat percentage and muscle growth with injury recovery. For a different individual, this may include sugar/insulin levels control, management of chronic problems like decreased libido/sexual performance, improvement of stamina/concentration, diabetes control, chronic inflammation/pain management or antiaging concerns. Would you like to feel like you were 20 again, or get as close to that as possible?

Don’t forget the basics. When looking to be healthy and happy, it is important to keep an eye on the basics: Diet, Nutrition, Digestion, Sleep and Exercise.

Do your homework. Ask a health care professional knowledgeable on the topic and keep your strategy/routine honest and consistent. There is a lot of misinformation out there, be careful to read only from reputable sources. It will not help any if you start the wrong regimen or keep changing it before you can accumulate any gains.

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Read: Staying Young and Healthy (3/3)

Go beyond the basics. Once you have the basics covered, look into optimizing your health by improving your exercise habits and improving stress releasing activities while avoiding exposure to toxins or chemicals.

Only you are responsible for your health and well-being, but you are not alone. Get a good team to support you and your goals.


Look at your symptoms. We have a compiled a list of common ailments for men. Feel free to print these and check at the end of your day if you have any of them. By identifying these problems, you have taken the first step to better performance, happiness, wellness… Resolving these should be part of your goals, together with other personal, professional or financial goals. Do it now!


____ Foggy Thinking/ Forgetfulness

____ Mood Swings - Irritability

____ Anxiety

____ Sleep Disturbance

____ Lower Sex drive

____ Poor sexual performance/ED

____ Not enjoying leisure activities any more

____ Thin skin / wrinkles

____ Difficulty Losing Weight

____ Cold intolerance

____ Sore /Weak Muscles

____ Body Aches / Pains

____ Sugar / Salt Cravings

____ People Irritate you

____ Easily Fatigued/low energy

____ Need caffeine in A.M.

____ No energy to Exercise

____ No enjoyment leisure activities

____ Decreased muscle size/strength

____ Lack of Drive / Motivation

____ Bloating, Gas, Heartburn

____ Tearful/Emotional/Depression

____ Constipation

All these symptoms may be related on a deeper level and resolving the core issues may give you back control of your life and your future.


There are standard protocols for Annual Physical Exams and Labs done on patients depending on their age and risk factors. Keep to screening guidelines: Yearly Tests-Physical Exams and work up like prostate exams, PSA, colonoscopy and, if you have fam history of cancer, do genetic screenings as indicated.

But, if you want to do better than the rest, you should consider other tests with your provider after a yearly exam. These may include an in-depth Thyroid Profile, MALE Specific Hormones like TESTOSTERONE and Growth Hormone markers. Applying functional medicine concepts to these may identify imbalances that when corrected will improve symptoms and decrease your future risk profile.

Also pay attention to your symptoms and track them. Symptoms like tiredness, poor concentration or stamina, decreased libido, poor sleep, aches and pains, sub-optimal athletic performance or slow healing, etc. As you implement changes in your lifestyle, diet and nutrition, you should be observing progress. This will go a long way in improving your quality of life, how you can enjoy your family and friends, enjoy leisure activities and even optimize your performance at work! Ultimately these should be everybody’s goals.

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