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Do You Know Your Levels?

Why is it so important to know your levels? Are you not feeling yourself, poor sleep, weight gain, poor concentration, irritability, etc. Looking at the right levels gives us insight into what’s going on inside your body. A good example would be your testosterone levels if you’re a male, why are those levels so important? Well, too low or too high testosterone levels and this will potentially cause anxiety, poor sleep, bad concentration, headaches and body pains, depression, trouble healing, difficulty building muscle, and weight gain, etc.

Think of your body as a very expensive vehicle and at a minimum you should be taking it to see a mechanic twice a year to make sure nothing is going wrong under the hood. That is why we suggest making an investment in your health by checking your levels at least twice a year to keep you at tip-top shape. Why spend the rest of your life performing at work, home, and bed as a cheap Volkswagen, when you could be performing at the level of a topnotch Ferrari. The last time I checked, no one wanted to be caught driving a Volkswagen when they could be driving a Ferrari.

Here is a quick snippet of Joe Rogan explaining why Testosterone is so important.

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