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Male Hormonal Imbalance


Male Hormones

After the age of 20, men’s growth hormones begin to fall about 14% every 10 years. That means by the age of 40 a man has lost nearly half of the growth hormones he had when he was 20! These imbalances can happen at any age and fortunately there are several men’s bioidentical treatment options available.

Other of the more common hormonal imbalances in men include:




Signs of male hormonal imbalances are slow to show. Many times men do not notice these changes early on, but as they become worse it is difficult not to take notices. Watch out for some of the more common symptoms:

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Hair loss

  • Fatigue or lack of energy

  • Low sex drive

  • Memory loss

  • Mood swing or irritability

  • Sleep apnea or insomnia

  • Depression or anxiety

  • Increased body fat

  • Constipation or increase bowel movement

So the question is: Is there an andropause or a low testosterone state that could be affecting the male homeostasis and balance of hormones, his stamina and overall wellness? The answer is YES! Many men suffer from symptoms of imbalanced hormones and low testosterone. Usually this is directly related to the cumulative exposure to high stress situations (type A personalities), exposure to toxins like heavy metals, insecticides, herbicides and plastic derived xenogens among others. Main stream medical managements, like the repeated use of antibiotics, as well as, medications for gastritis or stomach acid, may also create system imbalances resulting in low testosterone.

Simply balancing hormones can help men find improved quality of life, vitality and wellness.

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